Pittsburgh Burger Tour Stop #6: Whispers Pub

Pittsburgh Burger Tour Stop #6: Whispers Pub

Note: I used to post the PBT to my Facebook page, but given that I have relinquished my Facebook presence, I am moving it here to the blog. My mission with the PBT is to find the best cheeseburger and fries in Pittsburgh. For the PBT uninitiated, I use the following scoring system to rate each stop.

Burger Taste: 25 Points
Fries Taste: 25 Points
Value: 25 Points
Service: 10 Points
Ambiance: 15 Points

Stop #6: Whispers Pub

On Tuesday, I went to Whispers Pub for stop #6 on the Pittsburgh Burger Tour. Whispers Pub is located in Hampton Township/Glenshaw area near Fox Chapel.

My guest was my friend John Bongiovanni. John and I are on the same paddle tennis team (this is a trend). He is the owner of Bon Tool Co. – a third generation family business making quality tools used around the world. He is a top-notch guy in every way and a lot of fun to be around.

Here’s the lowdown on Whisper’s Pub:

Burger: 22/25 – I’ll start by saying this burger is large and is the perfect thickness. Truly an excellent burger! It was really juicy so was a bit of a messy burger, but hard to take a point away for that fact. However, due to the juiciness, over the course of eating the burger, the lettuce became a little wilted so I ended up taking it off about halfway through. It was really flavorful throughout and was a burger I’ll definitely be back for.

Fries: 23/25 – These were home cut fries cooked almost to perfection. After the past few weeks of subpar fries, I was happy to have these meet the mark. Could have been slightly more generous with the fry portions, but all in all, was really happy with the flavor!

Value: 21/25 – Total food bill was about $31 for the two of us so not terrible, but a little pricey for lunch. Though their menu leans to the higher end of selections so not all that surprising. They did provide a little side of coleslaw as a side item as well as bread for the table prior to receiving our meal, so both I thought were nice touches.

Service: 9/10 – The waitress that served us was very nice and checked on us regularly. A one-point deduction was due to the fact that they forgot to put cheese on the burger, so I had to ask for it after the fact.

Ambiance: 15/15 – While the exterior of the building isn’t too impressive, the interior is by far the coolest I’ve been in. They have belt fans, stain glass windows, and the true feel of a pub. I had the full intention of taking some pictures of the inside, but forgot to do so before I left. An easy 15/15 for ambiance.

Total Score: 90/100 – A 90 puts Whispers Pub solidly in second place on the PBT so far. The entire meal here was excellent all the way around, but slightly pricey. That said, I’ll definitely be back.

John’s Notes: 

John ordered the Lamb Burger and fries. His notes are as verbatim as possible: The fries are really good. He says he is weird though and would prefer a little less salt than they had, but the fries were perfect other than that. They have Heinz ketchup which is always a plus. The burger was a little messy. He asked to have it cooked medium, but he thought it came out a little less than medium. The bun could have been toasted a little more. He said it tasted good, but doesn’t think it’s his favorite burger. The coleslaw on the side was a nice little surprise.

Whispers Pub Address: 3400 Harts Run Road, Glenshaw, PA 15116
Web Address: http://hartwoodrestaurant.com/
Their Menu: Whispers Pub Menu

Here are the scores through six stops:

See you next week on the Pittsburgh Burger Tour 2019!

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