“The Retirement Digest” 002

“The Retirement Digest” 002

“The Retirement Digest” is a collection of articles from around the web that I think members of the RFG community might find helpful.

Ten Years Ago (ftportfolios.com)

It’s March 8, 2009. The market’s down 56% from its all-time high, unemployment is over 8% and hurtling toward 10%, it’s just been reported that real GDP dropped at a 6.2% annual rate in Q4 of 2008, and it feels like the world is coming to an end. You’re tired, exhausted from living through this, and you fall into a deep sleep. So deep, in fact, that you don’t wake up until today, 10 years later.

What followed in the ensuing 10 years in the markets is honestly hard to believe. But I think the technological advancements that have occurred since are even more mind-boggling. A must read.

Stock Market Returns Over Different Time Periods (1872-2018) (visualcapitalist.com)

Here is a really interesting visual showing stock market returns over different time periods. It shows the reduction in downside volatility as time periods get longer which can be really valuable when understanding how long-term perspective > short-term worrying.

Tax Reform Unleashed the U.S. Economy (aei.org)

There is a lot of disagreement on the impact of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on our economy. But if you can ignore the political rhetoric in the news and within the attached piece, the results thus far seem to be working out.

Before the tax reform took effect the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) projected that the tax cuts would have only a modest impact on economic growth, and it continues to predict that stagnation lurks around every corner. Yet it now has projected in consecutive annual reports that higher-than-expected growth will add an extra $1.2 trillion to federal revenue in the coming decade, covering about 80% of the Treasury’s original projected cost of the tax cuts. If 3% growth is sustained for another year, the growth surge will have paid for the tax cuts.

How to Lower Taxes in Retirement (definefinancial.com)

A great piece that covers all sorts of ideas to save some of your hard-earned life savings from going to the IRS. I think you may find it quite valuable.

The Different Levels of Wealth Explained in Simple Terms (whitecoatinvestor.com)

I think this post does a great job breaking down the different levels of wealth from barely making it month by month to having the ability to give away almost everything without it impacting your lifestyle. Good food for thought.

12 Strategies for Keeping Lifestyle Inflation in Check (thesimpledollar.com)

One of the defining factors whether somebody will make it in retirement or not comes down to their spending habits. This post provides ideas on how you might keep your spending in check and give you a better shot at retirement success.

Hope you found an article or two that might help you in your planning. Enjoy your week!

Thanks for reading!
Ashby Daniels

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