“The Retirement Digest” 004

“The Retirement Digest” 004

“The Retirement Digest” is a collection of articles from around the web that I think members of the RFG community might find helpful.

Sure Things Are Rarely Sure Things (etf.com)

Larry Swedroe’s first quarter review of “Sure Things” – how have the gurus done so far?

At the start of 2019, I compiled a list of predictions that gurus had made for the upcoming year, along with some items I heard frequently from investors…”

Can You Receive Social Security Spousal Benefits AND Retirement Benefits at the Same Time? (opensocialsecurity.com)

In reality, you can get spousal and retirement benefits at the same time — and it’s super common.

What Your Adult Children Really Need to Know About Your Money (considerable.com)

Before my dad went in for routine surgery 11 years ago, as a precaution he told us he had everything we needed to know written down on a piece of paper in the top drawer of his home desk. Yeah, yeah, my two siblings and I nodded. See you in the morning.

Weeks later, after complications had left him in a coma and he passed away without another word at age 79, we were thankful for his prudence.

A History of Revolution in U.S. Taxation (visualcapitalist.com)

From the Stamp Act of 1765 to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, this is a really interesting visual on the evolution of U.S. Taxation.

When is Whole Life Not Really Whole Life? (wealthmanagement.com)

That being said, there’s little discussion about the failings of whole life insurance. Now, when I say WL, I mean actual WL and not just permanent cash value life insurance. Somehow, WL has been held up as somewhat holy and unaffected by the travails of UL. This has got to stop because many policyowners and their policies are suffering for it. 

\\\ Other Features of Ashby in the Media ///

Why You Should Think Twice Before You Write a Check to Your Adult Children (MarketWatch.com)

The above article was the article that I wrote on an alternative strategy to giving money to your children that was picked up by MarketWatch.

Overcoming A Reluctance to Spend in Retirement (abnormalreturns.com)

The link above is to a 10-minute podcast I did with Tadas Viskanta of Abnormal Returns and Ritholtz Wealth Management on strategies to find comfort spending in retirement.

Hope you found an article or two that might help you in your planning. Enjoy your week!

Thanks for reading!
Ashby Daniels

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