Weekend Reading 02 – Get What You’re Owed from Equifax

Weekend Reading 02 – Get What You’re Owed from Equifax

Since I started this site, I’ve committed myself to publish at least one article per week. But this week, I did not achieve my goal. It’s not that I didn’t write. In fact, I wrote two this week, but I honestly wasn’t feeling proud of either one, so I did not publish them. Because I value your time as a reader, whenever I click publish, I want it to be useful to you. If I feel I cannot accomplish that, I will choose not to publish. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing worth reading. Below are a few I have recently read or re-read that I think you might enjoy.

Editor’s Pick:

4,000-to-1 Long Shot (kc-roi.com)

As utterly entertaining as this article by Ryan Krueger is, it’s almost hard to call it a financial article at all. If you have ANY interest in basketball whatsoever, this will be the most entertaining thing you’ll read for a while.

Financial Articles:

Medicare Resources (bhgvault.com)

My friends over at Boomer Health Group just launched what they are calling “The Vault.” It is an extensive group of frequently asked questions about Medicare with plentiful, easy-to-understand answers. I think you’ll find it quite useful!

Investing in a Negative Interest Rate World (awealthofcommonsense.com)

Ben Carlson, one of the financial internet’s most prolific writers, published a piece discussing one of my favorite things: Dividends. But he did it within the confines of the world today – one that includes negative interest rates. I find it quite supportive of the dividend growth philosophy that I continue to espouse.

For a bit of flavor, he included the following graphic:

A Brief Guide to the Equifax Settlement – and How to Get What You’re Owed (getrichslowly.com)

Equifax was finally brought to the table for their compromise of consumer credit data. Here are your options to get what you’re owed. Personally, I chose 10 years of ongoing credit monitoring instead of the measly $125 dollars that you most likely won’t get anyway.

Round 3 of the Tariff Wars (scottgrannis.blogspot.com)

For the advanced investor: Scott Grannis is one of the few market-related financial writers that I actively read. His insights are always timely and interesting and he does a great job including charts throughout each post. This one is no exception.

Life Articles:

“Love the Thing I Most Wish Had Not Happened”

I came across the below video and was struck by the wisdom of Stephen Colbert’s thoughts about when things don’t go according to plan. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Thank you for reading. This post is not advice. See additional disclosures.

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