The Medicare Part B Penalty Continued…

The Medicare Part B Penalty Continued…

A couple of weeks back, my friend Justin Castelli and I presented to the Pittsburgh Chapter of the Financial Planning Association. While he was in town, we shot a video discussing the recent article I wrote about the Medicare Part B Penalty for Late Enrollment so I thought I’d share the video with you.

If you have questions about anything we discuss in the video, feel free to reach out, I’m happy to help!

Also, Justin publishes a lot of useful content on all areas of financial planning both on his blog and via his podcast that is worth following if you’re interested!

His blog: All About Your Benjamins

Here are the links to three of my favorite podcasts that are retirement applicable:

Life Planning with Scott Frank, CFP®, CFA® – This episode is about how financial planning can help you lead your best life.

Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable with Mike Philbrick – This episode is about the value of diversification.

Talkin’ Taxes with Bill Sweet – Obviously, this episode is all about taxes.

Thanks for reading (and listening)!
Ashby Daniels

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