Ashby Talks Retirement

Ashby Talks Retirement

Over the past few weeks, I chatted with a couple of my advisor friends that I thought I would share with everyone. Not surprisingly, we spent the majority of time talking about retirement planning.

On Monday, I spent the afternoon with Justin Castelli, CEO of RLS Wealth Management. Prior to shooting the video, we talked about all types of things about our industry and profession. We are both passionate about how we can make a bigger difference in the lives of our clients and non-clients alike. Justin is quickly becoming a prominent voice in our industry with regard to the direction of our profession and how to care for clients. With the level of care I observe from guys like Justin, I think the tides are shifting in all the right ways.

In this 10-minute video, we talk about the biggest mistakes we think retirees make and share ideas on how to avoid those mistakes.

For the podcast episode below, I spoke Dasarte Yarnway, author of the book Young Money and founder of Berknell Financial Group. If you follow my Pittsburgh Retirement Planner Facebook page, you may recognize his name as he was in town last week and accompanied me on the Pittsburgh Burger Tour 2019. Dasarte is out of San Francisco Bay Area and works primarily with professional athletes and folks in the tech space.

In the episode, we talk about the importance of keeping your emotions in check during retirement. We also discuss my two portfolio approach to creating retirement income as well as how to re-enter the market if you sold out for some reason.

I hope you enjoy the interviews!

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