Medicare Premiums & Deductibles Increasing in 2020

Medicare Premiums & Deductibles Increasing in 2020

In 2020, Medicare Part B premiums and deductibles will be increasing.

Most enrollees will see their premiums increase by ~7%, from $135.50 to $144.60 per month. This is a $109.20 annual increase.

The annual deductible for Part B coverage will also increase by ~7%, going from $185 in 2019 to $198 in 2020.

These increases are roughly in line with the Medicare Trustees Report for 2019 that estimated that the 2020 standard monthly premium would be $144.30 and the annual deductible would be $197. We’ll see what 2021 has in store. Their estimates for 2021: $150 Part B Premium and $207 annual deductible.

Get the rest of the story from USA Today below:

Medicare Part B premium 2020: Rates and deductibles rising 7% for outpatient care

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