Retirement Digest: Everything You Need to Know About Recessions

Retirement Digest: Everything You Need to Know About Recessions

My honest hope is that this site provides two things: (1) valuable information and education about retirement in an easy-to-read format and (2) an optimistic view of the world. Given that we don’t have to look far to find bad news, my goal is to provide the other side (the realistic side). Sure, there are problems that need to be addressed throughout our country and our world. But the world is improving gradually all around us, we just can’t grasp the enormity of these compounding small improvements as they are happening.

With that in mind, I wanted to bring your attention to some thoughts on recessions, more specifically a powerful graphic on recessions from Visual Capitalist.

We have a habit of concentrating on the negatives of recessions (the red sections beneath the 0% line) and ignoring the amazing growth that occurs above that 0% line. The continued expansion of U.S. GDP growth has been astounding. The article below from the Visual Capitalist provides a great deal of data about recessions and how they impact the economy. But after you read it, come back and check out the graph a second time as a reminder that expansions have made up far more of our history than recessions.

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